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valid from 22-09-2014 until 28-09-2014

If you, Taurus, are fifty years or older, you'll probably feel ten or twenty years younger than you actually are. As far as your feelings are concerned, you'll probably be the age when you felt best.
You could feel twenty, for instance, if that was the time you went to college or university and experienced the most lovely moments in your life. But it could well be that you were thirty when you had these peak experiences.
If you're twenty now, Taurus, and are enjoying life to the full, you'll discover that you'll feel twenty in the future. No matter what age you'll reach.
Older Taurus, however, will tend to discover this week, more than they usually do, that they are in fact older than they feel they are.
Don't let this get you down and stay the age you feel. This is an excellent way to remain young. And remember this: everybody wants to become old, nobody wants to be late in one's life.

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