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valid from 05-10-2015 until 11-10-2015

If you go out one or more evenings this week, you'll get into touch with someone with whom you'll have lots of fun. At first it has all the appearances of becoming a superficial relationship. And yes, during the first few weeks and months you'll probably not get much further than talking about the weather, about this, that and the other. But it will be the beginning of a longstanding relationship which may develop in different ways. He or she could become a dear acquaintance, an intimate friend or a loving partner for life. Many attractive aspects come together in this person like friendship and sexual appeal. And you'll have many points in common in the professional field. A real addition to your yourself and lots more!
It does mean, however, that you'll have to leave the house a couple of times this week, of course, and especially get up from that lazy chair of yours. And that you'll have to face all weathers. Otherwise you'll meet no one and nothing will happen. Even in astrology there's such a thing as someone's own free will.

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