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valid from 08-02-2016 until 14-02-2016

Your personal problems gain the upper hand from time to time. They grow pale, though, in comparison to important world events. This week you'll experience this very directly. Because of this, you'll realize that you should start putting your worries into perspective.
You have always been happy with the interior of your house. At the moment, though, you are finding fault with a few small details. They catch your eye all the time now and seem to be giving you the feeling that nothing is right any more in your house. Just let this blow over. Your friends always feel at ease at your place and have done so for a long time. You just can't have it all, as all Libra know well.
Add to your knowledge of that foreign language by following a course. You have been putting this off for too long. The saying 'better late than never' also applies to this situation.

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