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valid from 29-09-2014 until 05-10-2014

Part of the interior of your house needs a facelift. It is advisable to totally abandon the colours you have now and of which you used to be so proud. No more pastel shades Libra, but bright, primary colours. Your friends, family and acquaintances will be critical at first, but in the long run just about everybody will appreciate your choice. One specific person will especially like what you have done to your house and his/her positive reactions make you as pleased as Punch.
It may be the case that you want to solve a problem before the weekend. You'll have to follow your plan through from A to Z, in its entirety. You'll then succeed, which will give you a lot of satisfaction.
Out of doors you are more adapt at problem solving, because you are then free from the everyday routine. Moreover, at home you are unable to distance yourself from the problem. You conditioning makes it impossible for you to separate and detach the problem from its surroundings, which impedes a clear analysis.

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