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valid from 29-06-2015 until 05-07-2015

This is quite a good week for speculating, for taking chances Libra. Stay alert, though, if you plan to do this in the stock exchange business. Remember that no one ever became the worse for taking a fair profit: sell your shares if you've reached your goals.
You have the tendency to wait until profits have risen even more. You'll have a rude awakening if you do this the next couple of weeks Libra. Don't be reckless with your money and don't let yourself become infected by the 'get rich quick' virus.
You could also play in the lottery or some sort of other gambling game this week. But here the same advice holds true: don't overdo it!
A boisterous Sagittarius within your circle of acquaintances is getting on your nerves. He's like an exuberant holidaymaker talking too loudly, without any inhibition, about places others would talk about in a low voice. It'll start irritating you to such an extend that other people start noticing it. Try being diplomatic about this Libra.

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