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valid from 26-01-2015 until 01-02-2015

If you feel the urge to take on a lot of work, this is the week to start doing so. However, don't do this for someone else, because in that case it will be like a lottery where there are only losers. Only do it for yourself Libra. Next Monday you will probably receive a message telling you that you have won a (small) price in a lottery or gambling game. You will cherish this message more than the amount of money promised, even though you normally don't earn so much money so quickly.
This week you'll also meet a few people you haven't met before. You may even strike up a friendship with a few of them. Or, under the most favourable circumstances, sow the seed for a long and loving relationship. Such things don't happen every day. Therefore, just let them happen to you this week or go out looking for them yourself.
It will leave you feeling well and satisfied.

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